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The ultimate
An exhaustive list of VCs that invest in France.
The ultimate
An exhaustive list of VCs that invest in France.
We know that raising funds can be very time consuming. For most startups, fundraising is mission critical. Our goal with this list is to help you maximize your chances to raise, save your time and help you target the right VCs quickly.

At Serena, we’re publishing and maintaining this list to be true to our core DNA of being not only an investor, but the provider of operational, actionable best practices to the ecosystem (see here, here, and here for other examples of our entrepreneurial content).

The spreadsheet

A detailed spreadsheet with all the VCs that invest in France.
For each fund discover the stage they invest at, their average tickets, notable investments and so much more info.

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The poster version

A beautiful printed version of the VC list that will improve your office decoration. You can also download it and print it by yourself.

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Serena invests in bold ventures, providing them on-demand expertise and operational support. Serena portfolio companies can leverage our Operating Partner model -unique in Europe- and benefit from the support of our very active C-Level community through the Serena Squad platform, open exclusively to past and present companies, each contributing to the others’ success.